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MIA: Beyond the boundaries,
beyond the 21st Century horizon

Mia, the pathfinder, was born to go further, to welcome on board the real stars of the cruise, seafarers, conscious navigators and expert travelers.

Mia’s stretched lines, her diamond dihedrals, generous volume and welcoming spaces are the markers of a new motoryacht language. A life on board 4.0 defined and consolidated by the research for new materials, cutting-edge technical solutions and state-of-the-art living spaces.

The Mia project is the new Massimo Franchini’s challenge. Tying the common thread that joins a successful past with an exciting future, with emotions as consistent common denominator.

The vision of Massimo Franchini

With MIA project my aim is to design a range of motoryachts tuned to the spirit of the times, full of innovation and technology, to ferry Franchini Shipyard in the 4.0 (four point zero) boating industry without departing from the principles of style and harmony of the shapes that I always pursued and representing my true roots.

When I decided to go back to design I had in mind the success of “Emozione 55” and, at the same time, my need to propose an “emotional evolution”, a contemporary interpretation of the concept of motoryacht, of its livability, of its seaworthiness, proposing to achieve ambitious goals in all these areas.

With the firm intention of winning this new challenge I defined a concept featuring taut lines and slender dihedral that subtend generous volumes for a high interior room, while maintaining the low and slender sheer line. The concept is a modular boat that starts from a basic platform we called “I-BOAT”, technically flawless and fully functional, that the customer can complete with a wide range of versions, the «UP-BOAT », which the customer can choose freely. Fully complying all the safety requirements the Franchini Shipyard provides the widest warranty on the highest quality standards.

In this way, every single owner can express his personality in a boat that fully represents him and perfectly responds to his tastes and expectations realizing his new Franchini.

Massimo Franchini

Massimo Franchini - Naval Architect

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Evolution of an Emotion

In perfect continuity with its history, Cantiere Navale Franchini proposes with project «MIA» a «Boat – Program»:
Starting from a complete and technically flawless base, the Owner, among a series of modules, chooses the most suitable to him to realize the boat he has in mind. These packages are called «UP» elements, perfectly engineered, which are added to the base platform, a hull of 63 feet (19 meters) and is offered in four versions: Open, T-Top, Hard Top, SportFly.


The Mia range includes a semi-custom personalization program usually applied just on larger boats. Massimo Franchini and his team believe that – even regarding size considered today “small” – the smart owners prefer to express their personality with a boat fully representing them. Reflecting his taste and expectations of comfort and performance.

“However, the boat must remain a ‘boat’ ” – points out Massimo Franchini – “with clear nautical elements”. We focus our highest attention on the functionality and safety of the spaces on board and on the atmosphere they create. This must remain “marine” also in order to assure active safety: people on board must always have the awareness that they are at sea and must be able to behave accordingly.”

All our boats will be different, thanks to an in-depth design of all the possible options and the unification of the naval platform. Leaving to the owner the widest choice of all the options that do not affect the performance. Quality remains the indisputable prerogative of the shipyard. Each owner can thus have “his own Franchini”.

Franchini Mia63 interiors sketch
Franchini Yachts 2020 Technologies

Technology and Sustainability

Since 2017, Franchini Shipyard is part of Cecconi Group, which is heavily involved in the production of energy from renewable sources and in investment in start-ups and advanced technology companies operating among the rest in nanotechnologies and in high-efficiency solutions for the building sector.

The relationship between the Franchini Shipyard and the Cecconi Group companies has generated a virtuous spiral of requests, research and applications, in an effective mutual exchange of knowledge, goals and results, all aimed at improving the product and optimizing its construction, its build quality and its safety and practical use.

MIA 63 is built in the highest respect for the environment with the use of advanced materials and solutions, to obtain a boat product that meets the highest level of sustainability.

The first, fundamental innovation concerns the use of nanotechnologies in the formulation of resins through a patented process that allows highly improved results: more rigid and lighter structure, made fireproof and with significant reduction of vibrations and sound propagation. The use of Volvo IPS engines streamlines performance and reduces fuel consumption, improving overall efficiency.

Latest generation electronics, cutting-edge systems in the nautical sector, intelligent management systems and a wide range of rigid and inflatable “toys” make MIA 63 the new frontier of the planing motoryacht.

Programma Operativo Regionale del Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale
POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 – ASSE 1 – OS 1 – AZIONE 1.2

SiRENA – Industrializzazione di scafi in resina epossidica NAno ingegnerizzata per imbarcazioni da diporto

800.000,00 €

280.000,00 €

Il progetto SiRENA è nato con l’intento di sposare la tradizione nautica con il progresso tecnologico legato al mondo dei materiali compositi. Il programma si basa su: ricerca e sviluppo di materiali e tecnologie di produzione, progettazione navale avanzata, commercializzazione del prodotto.

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