Franchini MIA 63 into the water meeting the best expectations

Fano, beginning of summer. Franchini MIA 63, the motoryacht designed by Massimo Franchini and built by Franchini Shipyard, since her official presentation, had raised interest, curiosity and many expectations. She was christened with the ritual bottle of champagne by Mia Franchini, daughter of Massimo and inspiring muse of this innovative project, full of avant-garde signs […]

Here we are, the new MIA 63 is ready!

Just a few days left, MIA 63 is ready to touch the water. The symbolic date is June 22, the second day of summer, the propitious season to celebrate the conclusion of the construction works and the beginning of the season of use. Monday, June 22 at the port of Fano MIA 63 will turn […]

PortoVerde Headquarters

The PortoVerde offices are 100% operative. Reopened and completed with phase 2 we are in full swing, like all PortoVerde, happier and greener than ever!We are waiting for you to update you on the latest news from the shipyard!

Stay Safe

Dear Friends, Followers, Sympathizers, Fans and Admirers, the Mia 63 is almost ready to be launched. But the scheduled launch for March 21st, the first day of Spring, has been blocked by the Coronavirus and the last Decree of the Prime Minister, of March 21st. This mocking paradox, is making us to postpone any further […]

Beginning of Construction

Mia 6.3 is under construction! Le prime fasi di stampaggio dello scafo di 19 metri con il metodo dell’infusione che Massimo Franchini importò dagli Stati Uniti, da pioniere, per primo in Europa nel lontano 1995, dando una svolta tecnologica a tutta l’industria nautica continentale. Mia 6.3 is ready to enter the oven for post cure: […]

JEC World 2019

From 12 to 14 March we are at the JEC World 2019 in Paris, the most important world exhibition of composite materials, in the Nano-Tech stand, which offers resins with the addition of nanotechnologies for a significant improvement in the mechanical characteristics and thermal insulation of the product.Mia 6.3 is built with Nano-Tech resins and […]

Programma Operativo Regionale del Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale
POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 – ASSE 1 – OS 1 – AZIONE 1.2

SiRENA – Industrializzazione di scafi in resina epossidica NAno ingegnerizzata per imbarcazioni da diporto

800.000,00 €

280.000,00 €

Il progetto SiRENA è nato con l’intento di sposare la tradizione nautica con il progresso tecnologico legato al mondo dei materiali compositi. Il programma si basa su: ricerca e sviluppo di materiali e tecnologie di produzione, progettazione navale avanzata, commercializzazione del prodotto.

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