A taste of the sea

Port of Riccione, over seventy years ago. The master carpenter Michele Franchini, aka Guido, in love with the sea and gifted with a pretty good nose, decides to start his business.

Rising seaside tourism is a suitable propellant, thus creating an artisan company to construct small fishing boats and boats for the pleasure of tourists who love the “Dolce Vita”. Leafing through the album of memories, here comes a young architect who graduated in Florence with Pierluigi Spadolini, the master of yacht design. His name is Massimo Franchini, son of art: it is 1977. Without disputing the artisan spirit of the company, Massimo transforms the yard into a modern production unit. The goal is to design and build offshore cruising sailboats that can be appreciated all over the world. From the exclusive production of magnificent sailing boats to the design of timeless motor yachts, the step is short: Massimo Franchini, thanks to his solid technological attitude and having made research a real mission, is the first to introduce in 1996 the SCRIMP system: Seemann Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process, the technology of infusion of fiberglass for the production of hulls and superstructures. This is how, after more than twenty years of success, what is universally recognized as the most elegant Mediterranean “lobster boat” takes light in 2004. Nomen omen: the Latin phrase is suitable for this case because the boat’s name, Emozione 55, suggests what this boat can offer. Research travel, experiences abroad, especially in the USA, make Massimo Franchini a revolutionary in the boating world: his way of producing boats in full respect of the environment and with the highest quality standards is recognized at any latitude. Today there are four hundred boats between sailing and motor yachts designed by Massimo Franchini that the owners hold dear and rewarded on the second-hand market. But the story does not end here.

Clean waters

Mia 63 is born from a true vocation for progress and today progress must necessarily mean sustainability.

In 2017 Massimo Franchini came into contact with the Industrie Cecconi Group, born thanks to the production of energy from renewable sources, and then evolved with the investment in start-ups and high-tech companies operating in the most diverse sectors: from composite materials to energy-efficient buildings. From this union comes the desire to create a boat that responds to the highest level of sustainability. The criterion of environmental sustainability is the route followed in all respects, from the choice of suppliers to construction techniques. Absolute precedence is given to companies that produce according to these principles with particular attention to the origin of the raw materials and guaranteed healthiness during the production processes. The machines and onboard systems are chosen among those that guarantee maximum energy saving. The surfaces in contact with the outside environment - hull, deck, windows, roofs - are designed to ensure the maximum thermal insulation and correct air exchange: essential elements to enjoy excellent air quality and living comfort. The emissions of gas and sounds into the atmosphere are reduced to a minimum. The design of electrical and electronic systems is aimed at lowering electromagnetic fields and stray currents. Every precaution is taken to minimize the dissipation, even accidental, of polluting substances and waste in the environment. Last but not least: the latest-generation electronics, state-of-the-art systems in the boating industry, intelligent management systems, a wide range of customization options by the owner, and a considerable availability of rigid and inflatable “toys” bring Mia 63 to represent the new frontier of the planing motor yacht.

The spirit of the age

With the Mia project, Massimo Franchini designed a range of motor yachts, performing the spirit of the contemporary age with his far-sighted vision.

Technological research and innovation are the propellers that lead the Cantiere Navale Franchini into the 4.0 boating industry without neglecting the principles of style and harmony of forms that have always characterized his creations. These are roots, never forgotten and neglected: “When I decided to pick up the pencil again, I had in mind the success of Emozione 55. I also felt the need to propose an “emotional evolution,”. A contemporary reading of the motor yacht concepts, its livability, its seaworthiness, proposing myself to achieve ambitious goals in all these areas.” With the firm intention of winning this new challenge, M a s s i m o Franchini has defined a concept characterized by taut lines and slender backs that underlie generous volumes for high internal habitability, even maintaining low and slender the sheerline. From a commercial point of view, the guiding criteria is that of the modular boat starting from a basic platform or “I-BOAT,” technically flawless and fully functional that the customer can enrich with a wide range of versions and the “UP- BOAT,” which the customer can choose freely. In full compliance with the safety requirements and the highest quality standards, the Cantiere Navale Franchini maintains total control, providing the widest guarantee. In this way, every owner can express his personality, even in small dimensions, through a boat that fully represents him and responds perfectly to his tastes and expectations to create his new Franchini.

Technique and poetry

Since 2017, Cantiere Navale Franchini has been part of the Industrie Cecconi Group, for years engaged in the production of energy from re- newable sources and in the investment in start-ups and advanced techno- logy companies operating, among other things, in nanotechnologies and high-efficiency solutions for buildings. The relationship between Cantiere Navale Franchini and the companies of the Industrie Cecconi Group has generated a virtuous spiral of requests, research, and applications, in an effective mutual exchange of knowledge, objectives, and results, all ai- med at improving the product and optimizing its construction qualities and its safety and ease of use. As a result, Mia 63 is built with the highest respect for the environment. With the help of cutting-edge materials and solutions to obtain a boat that responds to the highest level of sustainability.