Franchini Shipyard on a new course

Massimo Franchini, architect designer and manager, is proposing a new range of motoryachts full of innovation and technology, designed according to the spirit of the times to lead the Franchini Shipyard into the 21st century 4.0 boating industry.

When Massimo decided to pick up the pencil again after a period of rest, to handle again his mouse and type his pc keyboard he had in mind the success of Emozione 55, with over thirty units sold and in use, dealt at premium prices in the second hand market, and at the same time he felt the need to propose an “emotional evolution”, namely a contemporary interpretation of his concept of motoryacht, of its liveability, seaworthiness and manoeuvrability, with the purpose to achieve ambitious goals in all those areas.

With this commitment and driven by a never ceased inspiration, Massimo drew on a heritage of straight lines, slim slats, generous volumes, giving shape to a range of motoryachts that spans from 33’ to 77’ in three different types: T-Top, Sport Coupé and Flying Bridge, for a total of nine models. They will be called Zoe, Mia and Noah, a tribute to children and grandchildren, the only concession to Massimo’s sixty years. The rest is innovation, research, avant-garde.

The common denominators of the range

  • Hulls with diamond surfaces
  • Intensive and reasoned use of advanced materials and technologies (carbon fibre, nanotechnology, home automation, servosystems)
  • Structures and technical components on sight
  • Glass-covered superstructure also in blind zones
  • Transparent parts on the bottom of platform and peaks usable as underwater viewers
  • Garage with no heavy and complicated hydraulic doors
  • Recessed anchor
  • Arrangement for inflatable “toys”
  • Can-bus electric systems
  • Multiple charging and generation systems with renewable sources and variable speed generators
  • Volvo IPS engines and propulsion system with joystick for manoeuvring
  • Particularly spacious interiors with flexible and highly customizable layouts in each size
  • New upholstery materials and furnishing solutions inspired by the most dynamic design

The team

The new course of Franchini Shipyard was made possible by the enthusiastic and active agreement between Massimo and Eros Cecconi, a young and energetic entrepreneur from the Marche region, strongly engaged in energy production from renewable sources and in investments in start-ups and advanced technology companies eg engaged in nanotechnology or high efficiency building solutions.

The positive relationship between Franchini Shipyard and Cecconi Group has generated a virtuous spiral of requests, research and applications, in an effective mutual exchange of knowledge, goals and results, all aimed for improving the product and optimizing its construction, its build quality and its safety and practical use.

Marcello Maggi joined the Franchini Shipyard crew, an international broker with extensive sales experience in European and Far East markets, who will contribute with his experience over several decades to the commercial success of Zoe, Mia and Noah of the Franchini Shipyard.

Programma Operativo Regionale del Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale
POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 – ASSE 1 – OS 1 – AZIONE 1.2

SiRENA – Industrializzazione di scafi in resina epossidica NAno ingegnerizzata per imbarcazioni da diporto

800.000,00 €

280.000,00 €

Il progetto SiRENA è nato con l’intento di sposare la tradizione nautica con il progresso tecnologico legato al mondo dei materiali compositi. Il programma si basa su: ricerca e sviluppo di materiali e tecnologie di produzione, progettazione navale avanzata, commercializzazione del prodotto.

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